Definition of snap-freeze in English:



[with object]
  • Freeze (something) very rapidly by suddenly lowering the temperature to well below its freezing point.

    ‘local farmers will not snap-freeze their berries’
    • ‘The vegetables and fruit are snap-frozen when fresh and retain the nutrients.’
    • ‘Our last remaining 5-day-old embryo has been snap-frozen.’
    • ‘Instead of the eggs being fertilized, they are snap-frozen and can be stored for several years.’
    • ‘Other samples from the same areas were snap-frozen in liquid nitrogen and stored at -80° Celsius for DNA analysis.’
    • ‘He vacuum-packs and snap-freezes fresh food to ensure sterility.’
    • ‘This week's Canterbury harvests are being snap-frozen within about two hours of harvest.’
    • ‘All biopsies were obtained using a biopsy gun and were snap-frozen in liquid nitrogen and thereafter stored at -80° Celsius.’
    • ‘Tissues were dissected immediately, weighed, and snap-frozen on dry ice.’
    • ‘The products had been partially baked, snap-frozen, then baked to completion at the store.’
    • ‘Approximately 1g of whole plant tissue was harvested from each genotype and snap-frozen in liquid nitrogen.’