Definition of snaky in English:


(also snakey)

adjectivesnakiest, snakier

  • 1Like a snake in appearance; long and sinuous.

    ‘a long snaky whip’
    • ‘I made a great putt on the 14th hole, a really snaky 30-footer, that really got me going again.’
    • ‘We eventually formed a snaky line, moving slowly toward the door.’
    • ‘This is bedroom hair; Medusa hair: snaky, sultry, seductive.’
    • ‘Her toes squelched against the damp sand, leaving a snaky trail of footprints.’
    • ‘It is also true that the number of taxis zipping through the city's narrow streets and snaky alleyways is surprisingly large.’
    • ‘Everything's dancing to a different, more roundabout rhythm right now - so start thinking tangential tango, lateral lambada, snaky samba, magical mambo or curvaceous kind of cha-cha-cha.’
    • ‘Flora had become a beautiful green snaky dragon.’
    • ‘A small blood clot forming in a large vein can build up to a long, soft, snaky blood clot.’
    • ‘Honsha carries are a sword with a snaky curved blade and a short dagger - like weapon with a slightly longer hilt and a blade curved backwards.’
    • ‘The Belgian is a long, thin and snaky bird, which is bred and trained to stand hunched over in its perched position.’
    • ‘I managed to sit upon the camel, between the fatty hump and its snakey neck.’
    • ‘The flashy red sports car zipped along the snakey cliffside roads.’
    • ‘Colour does not normally seem to be a big part of Parr's work but this piece on multiple sheets of paper, with its charcoal black lines and snaky, indecipherable hand scrawl, was very pleasing to the eye.’
    • ‘She gestured to the long, snaky line ahead of her.’
    • ‘Surrounded by craggy mountains, one can only reach it via train or a narrow, snaky highway.’
    winding, windy, serpentine, curving, twisting, meandering, snaking, zigzag, zigzagging, turning, bending, curling, coiling, undulating
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    1. 1.1 Of the supposed nature of a snake in showing coldness, venom, or cunning.
      ‘a snaky friend’
      • ‘Every now and again, a snaky comment would erupt from his lips but there was always a quick apology while he muttered something that she couldn't ever hear.’
      • ‘Calling someone snakey would be fairly negative, and Giselle wasn't really bad.’
  • 2Australian NZ informal Angry; irritable.

    ‘what are you snaky about?’
    • ‘Angelina Jolie has a wild time as Alexander's snakey mum, Olympias, though you do wonder why she bothers.’
    • ‘So this morning in the Sunday papers we have Richard Carleton over on Nine's 60 Minutes getting all snaky about Paul Barry joining the tick tick tickers next year.’
    • ‘One minute I am intolerant and snakey, the next I am dancing around the lounge room with Amelia to her CD of Latin music (cha cha cha!) or sewing a tiny dog in a creative frenzy.’
    angry, annoyed, irate, irritated, in a bad mood, peeved, vexed, upset, irked, piqued, out of humour, put out, displeased, galled, resentful
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