Definition of snake pit in English:

snake pit


  • 1A pit containing poisonous snakes.

    • ‘It is simply inevitable that in a snake pit with that many snakes one of them would be lucky or smart enough to have bitten you despite your resistance.’
    1. 1.1 A scene of vicious behaviour or ruthless competition.
      ‘the literary snake pits of New York’
      • ‘Atkinson argues the law would force ‘creative thinkers’ to bite their tongue, and so produce a ‘veneer of tolerance concealing a snakepit of unaired and unchallenged views.’’
      • ‘However, much debate is expected in the snakepit of EU politics before details of how much exactly will be allocated, and how it will be spent, is finalised.’
      • ‘I see why it would have been mortifying, especially against the psychological backdrop of the snakepit that was your school experience.’
      • ‘It was, according to observers, a snakepit of feuding and backstabbing.’
      • ‘Page is ultra-sensitive about her experience at the Star, which was considered a snakepit of sexual harassment.’


snake pit

/ˈsneɪk ˌpɪt/