Definition of smutty in English:



  • (of talk, writing, or pictures) obscene or lascivious.

    ‘smutty jokes’
    • ‘The problem with every generation as they get older is to view their own childhood through rose-coloured spectacles and state quite narrow-mindedly that this current generation is smutty, disrespectful and crass.’
    • ‘Pushing 60 but still displaying the sensibility of a naughty schoolboy, Waters displays a real penchant for smutty innuendo and an ever growing catalogue of euphemisms.’
    • ‘The lyrics to this very hummable song are extremely naughty, not smutty or crude, just enjoyably naughty.’
    • ‘Last year a bunch of staff at The New York Times were fired for sending ‘offensive’ and smutty emails.’
    • ‘Like all successful infomercials he uses sexual desire to sell his product, with the animators relishing in the opportunity to create smutty and suggestive scenes.’
    vulgar, dirty, rude, filthy, crude, offensive, salacious, coarse, obscene, indecent, lewd, pornographic, x-rated, risqué, racy, broad, earthy, bawdy, rabelaisian, spicy, suggestive, titillating, improper, naughty, indelicate, indecorous, ribald, off colour, locker-room
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