Definition of smokebox in English:



  • 1An oven for smoking food.

    ‘techniques such as pre-marination and additional cooking, before or after the food's stay in the smokebox’
  • 2The chamber in a steam engine or boiler between the flues and the funnel or chimney stack.

    • ‘On 610-614 the combustion chamber ahead of the smokebox was made a foot longer; the tubes and flues, thus reduced a foot in length, were, at 20 feet long, precisely the length needed for best absorption of heat.’
    • ‘Operation probably isn't possible without a whole new boiler, and the holey smokebox will need heavy patching even if it doesn't get one.’
    • ‘As noted above, the locomotive continued down the track after the explosion for over a quarter mile; thus the smokebox door was somewhat east of where No.3020 finally stopped.’
    • ‘No. 815 was typical of earlier years with its old style headlight with built-in number light mounted atop the smokebox, and a square cut tender which was designed for better visibility when backing up.’
    • ‘Slipping at starting was rare, however, due to a very careful design of regulator valve in the smokebox; very small adjustments could be achieved, and any slip could be quickly checked.’
  • 3

    another term for smoker (sense 4)
    • ‘You’ll need bees, of course, as well as a hive, a hive tool for opening and inspecting the hive, some form of protective clothing for you, and a smoke box.’
    • ‘Kostas wore his special protective clothing and took out a big sack and a smoke-box filled with pine needles. A high ladder had to be kept in the air in order not to frighten the bees, which were sitting high up in the tree, one on top of the other, creating a big revolving buzzing bee-ball.’