Definition of smoke-stained in English:



  • Marked or discoloured by smoke.

    ‘smoke-stained walls’
    • ‘Yesterday morning, fire crews continued to investigate inside the house, which looked strangely unscathed, except for the boarded-up windows, shards of glass clinging to their broken frames, and smoke-stained curtains flapping in the wind.’
    • ‘Most of the people who lived there were actors, each with their own smoke-stained pipe and stash that they carried around.’
    • ‘They are preserved in uncouth-looking smoke-stained volumes in lone farmhouses and cottages.’
    • ‘You drive through a neighborhood that's neat, green and orderly until you come to the house that's incongruously battered, smoke stained and boarded up.’
    • ‘Her last album was a smooth blend of country and soul with a twist of heartbreak, which thrillingly articulated the sweat-soaked, smoke-stained, moonlit world of southern noir.’
    • ‘By last night, the house was a black pit of charred wood, smoke-stained stove and water heater, and a pieces of roof intermingled with doorframes.’
    • ‘Catching a glimpse of celebrities through smoke-stained glass is, for the vast majority, as close to the major teams and players as it is possible to be.’
    • ‘A well was found inside the building and the timbers were smoke-stained, suggesting that it belonged to a craftsman working with fire and water such as a jeweller.’
    • ‘From the outside, it's an inconspicuous, grey-green shack with smoke-stained curtains.’
    • ‘The newish interior may lack the Old World charm that comes from a well-worn carpet and smoke-stained walls, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.’
    sooty, discoloured, grimy, dirty, begrimed
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