Definition of smirkingly in English:



  • See smirk

    • ‘‘Bad Cover Version’ addresses roughly the same theme from a different angle, with Cocker smirkingly comparing his ex's new boyfriend to himself, offering that ‘a bad cover version of love is not the real thing.’’
    • ‘Jude Law plays the smirkingly creepy hit man-cum-press photographer Maguire, who sells gruesome pictures of the dead - a figure partly based on the real-life snapper Weegee.’
    • ‘Needless to say, the unhappy story of Rock Hudson's private life is smirkingly absorbed into the movie's tacky fabric with excruciating wink-wink jokes.’
    • ‘I always hated the complacency of the people who smirkingly bragged about being ‘reality-based'. They missed the point of what had been said.’
    • ‘But oh no, really they are cold-hearted killers, smirkingly focused on their cruel objective, each with a steel-tipped bullet - heading straight for Jennifer Aniston's heart.’