Definition of smelly in English:



  • Having a strong or unpleasant smell:

    ‘smelly feet’
    • ‘Even though it contains virtually nothing organic our dustbin is pretty smelly in summer, even after a week.’
    • ‘Community leaders say the playground is a muddy, smelly quagmire even in the height of summer.’
    • ‘For weeks, the residents and passing pedestrians have had to put up with dozens of smelly rubbish bags lying around.’
    • ‘Yes, it's smelly, dirty and harmful, but in reality people do smoke cigarettes.’
    • ‘They are your average scally lads, bad hair, tight jeans, unwashed, smelly, drunken.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, others take bags full of clothes and end up sweaty, smelly and dishevelled.’
    • ‘We invariably travelled on some clapped-out smelly bus that made us nauseous with the diesel fumes.’
    • ‘A man with a smelly dog got on board and sat rather too close to my nostrils.’
    • ‘I do feel that if you decide not to smoke, you shouldn't have the smelly fumes wafting over from someone who does.’
    • ‘The tank seemed to get dirty and smelly very quickly, and we found we had to clean it out far more often than we had to with the tropical fish.’
    • ‘Landfill is always discussed as smelly, polluting and potentially unhealthy.’
    • ‘The sea receded gradually from the promenade, which then looked out over acres of smelly tidal mud.’
    • ‘My previous dog once padded into the lounge having just rolled in the duck pond and covered himself with smelly scum.’
    • ‘Some of these kids stay in the school hostel and were exposed to this smelly sewerage water for two weeks.’
    • ‘To top it off I found a smelly pair of old sport shoes underneath his toiletries bag.’
    • ‘Nasty, smelly, noisy, polluting money-pits, that what cars have always been to me.’
    • ‘For our neutered feline friends you will find that the tom will stop spraying his smelly urine to mark his territory.’
    • ‘This month Jacquie loses her luggage, and deals with the problem of team members with smelly feet’
    • ‘Even as they deliver Pure Rock Fury to smelly rooms full of sweaty people, they plot against it.’
    • ‘Bad taste, botched repairs and smelly dogs will all sabotage your house sale.’
    foul-smelling, evil-smelling, stinking, stinking to high heaven, reeking, fetid, malodorous, pungent, acrid, rank, putrid, noxious
    off, gamy, high
    musty, fusty
    stinky, reeky
    niffing, niffy, pongy, whiffy, humming
    noisome, mephitic
    olid, miasmic, miasmal
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