Definition of smell the roses in English:

smell the roses


North American
  • Enjoy or appreciate what is often ignored.

    ‘they need to wake up and smell the roses’
    • ‘But of course, now that I'm a woman smelling the roses, living my own life, I won't talk to you a lot about it.’
    • ‘If we have enough food on the table, and gainful employment, then we should take time to smell the roses and enjoy the precious moments of our lives - like sands in an hour glass.’
    • ‘What I am trying to say to these certain Sligo businessmen is, wake up and smell the roses!’
    • ‘So please wake up, read the tea leaves, smell the roses, act and fight for your own cause.’
    • ‘If anyone is bashing what it has achieved, they really should wake up and smell the roses.’
    • ‘But bloody hell that girl has to wake up and smell the roses.’
    • ‘Those council members who stated staff was not to be considered need to wake up and smell the roses.’
    • ‘It's important to take time out once in a while to enjoy the fruits of one's labours, smell the roses and enjoy.’
    • ‘Well, I suggest he wakes up and smells the roses, because that will not happen under this bill, and certainly not under Part 3.’
    • ‘All things considered, though, it's time to stop, take a look around, and smell the roses (or newsprint, as the case may be).’