Definition of smashing in English:



  • Excellent; wonderful.

    ‘you look smashing!’
    • ‘Thank you everyone, marvellous entertainment and smashing, friendly people, lots of them!’
    • ‘But as the years go by, we realize what a smashing wonderful star she was.’
    • ‘Letting famous film directors direct operas has resulted in both smashing successes and dismal failures.’
    • ‘Reaction to his role in MIT was excellent, he says, with ‘some lovely reviews and smashing comments’.’
    • ‘All indications suggest it will be a smashing success.’
    wonderful, marvellous, excellent, splendid, magnificent, superb, amazing, glorious, sublime, lovely, delightful
    super, great, amazing, fantastic, terrific, tremendous, phenomenal, sensational, heavenly, stellar, gorgeous, dreamy, grand, fabulous, fab, fabby, fantabulous, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, awesome, amazeballs, magic, ace, cool, mean, bad, wicked, mega, crucial, mind-blowing, far out, a1, sound, out of this world, marvy, spanking, dope, def, phat
    brilliant, brill, bosting
    peachy, dandy, jim-dandy, neat, badass, boss, radical, rad, boffo, bully, bitching
    on fleek
    beaut, bonzer
    kif, lank
    groovy, divine
    capital, champion, wizard, corking, cracking, ripping, spiffing, top-hole, topping, beezer
    swell, keen
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