Definition of smarty-pants in English:


(British smarty-boots)


  • another term for smarty (sense 1)
    • ‘Let's say your $10,000 turns into $6,000, because you bought stock in a Texas oil company the day before some smarty-pants scientist announced he'd figured out how to make cold fusion work.’
    • ‘For I, being the smarty-pants that I am, had grabbed my bag and stomped down the hall towards the room that I went through earlier.’
    • ‘So these smarty-pants band together in secret, subtly veiling their high-minded leanings under a veneer of pretension - they'll hint at their summer reading lists, but never let you see what's on it.’
    • ‘Try it out on the office know-it-all, or the smarty-pants next door.’
    • ‘There are few occupations where it pays to be a smarty-pants, and soldiering isn't one of them.’
    • ‘To every smarty-pants who ever had to stifle her chuckles when overhearing some ninny explain that the reason the sky is blue is because it's reflecting the colour of the ocean, welcome home.’
    • ‘If you are a smarty-pants or played with calculators instead of action figures when you were a kid, then you'll do just fine with this movie.’
    • ‘The idea that such assimilation counteracts true independence doesn't occur to a 10-year-old immigrant smarty-pants.’
    • ‘The truth is, though, despite their smarty-pants exteriors, most members of the office park set don't know the first thing about ground wires.’
    • ‘The smarty-pants amongst you will no doubt have found that one a breeze as well.’
    • ‘If you're a smarty-pants, you can arrange the songs according to how you think they flow best together, but the simplest route is to assemble them in the order in which they were recorded.’
    • ‘Maybe if you and your brother hadn't been such smarty-pants you could have graduated.’
    • ‘It does no good in our age of specialization and fragmentation to be a know-it-all smarty-pants, especially if some of that knowledge is at times sadly so superficial.’
    • ‘I loved being a smarty-pants and was pretty smug about it.’
    • ‘Guys see me as a goodie-goodie and a smarty-pants.’
    • ‘But none of those smarty-pants said a word about what all this means to us, the consumers.’
    • ‘Why else would the English language concoct such a condescending term for a group of obvious smarty-pants?’
    • ‘But this service takes time, and I am not a smarty-pants code geek who can automate such tasks.’
    • ‘They're going to be smarty-pants, they're going to be on the ball.’
    • ‘A few years ago, some smarty-pants college professor fooled a bunch of stupid college professors, by publishing a bunch of PC-babble gibberish (quite literally, gibberish) and getting it praised by his colleagues.’