Definition of smarty in English:



  • 1A know-all.

    • ‘What I said was ‘I hadn't heard about one of them ’, but I presume some subeditor was being a smarty and thought my grammar was bad and that I meant ‘I hadn't heard about any of them’.’
    • ‘Time and time again President Reagan went against what the smug smarties inside the beltway and on the TV tube said.’
    • ‘They were not internet smarties or radical nuts, they were very ordinary, nice people.’
    • ‘You're supposed to pull out my chair, smarty.’
    • ‘But in the end, the ship disappeared and no one ever heard from the ten smarties again.’
    • ‘You were stuck in this place, you suddenly realized, and now the smarties had moved to another place where they were now thinking of stupid as a style thing, as attitude, as even just another kind of intelligence.’
    • ‘We beat the hell outta a buncha smarty future-lawyer type boys in both games we bowled.’
    • ‘It's also arty, smarty: Remember that a one-time billboard painter filming an actress' backside is ‘art’.’
    • ‘‘Okay, miss smarty,’ snarled Mari, ‘how are we supposed to find which way is west?’’
    • ‘He is too brash, too much of a smarty, for some of his colleagues.’
    • ‘She is a smarty, answers back to me (especially when her father is not around) and is exceptionally wilful.’
    • ‘All I'm worried about, smarty, is remembering my lines and putting on a good performance.’
    • ‘‘Right you are, little miss smarty,’ Taylor said, ‘but unfortunately I can't sleep so I can't go to sleep.’’
    • ‘We're pretty sure the parents won't go for that, smarty!’
    • ‘For Salkind and the other seven smarties, the only thing to do now is go home and wait.’
  • 2dated A smart or fashionable person.