Definition of smart bomb in English:

smart bomb


  • A radio-controlled or laser-guided bomb.

    • ‘Doing so is even more important than building all the smart bombs and cruise missiles we need, because not only will this war be entirely new, it will also be insanely complicated.’
    • ‘These aircraft flew 20,753 combat sorties and used 18,467 smart bombs and missiles and 9,251 dumb bombs.’
    • ‘In the past few years, smart bombs and cruise missiles have become vastly more accurate, due to the use of Global Positioning Satellites to guide the weapons to their targets.’
    • ‘Science has given us smart bombs, the Atom bomb, GM foods and models with breasts that are just impossible.’
    • ‘It alone - allied with the working people internationally - has a potential power greater than that of the ruling elite with its smart bombs and cruise missiles.’
    • ‘One is left with the impression that these were car bombs, not smart bombs.’


smart bomb

/ˈsmɑːt bɒm/