Definition of smaltite in English:



mass noun
  • A grey metallic mineral consisting chiefly of cobalt arsenide, typically occurring as cubic or octahedral crystals.

    • ‘It usually occurs in the form of a compound with its most common minerals being cobaltite, smaltite, chloranthite, and linnaeite.’
    • ‘Cobalt occurs in the mineral cobaltite, smaltite, and erythrite, and is often associated with nickel, silver, lead, copper, and iron ores, from which it is most frequently obtained as a by-product.’
    • ‘Associated minerals in the high-grade veins are calcite, ‘smaltite,’ nicoline, bismuth, and lesser pyrargyrite, proustite, acanthite, millerite, and chalcopyrite.’
    • ‘The primary ores of cobalt are cobaltite, erythrite, and smaltite.’
    • ‘Cobalt is found in the minerals cobaltite, smaltite and erythrite.’


Mid 19th century: from smaltine (a rare word with the same sense) + -ite.