Definition of small coal in English:

small coal


  • another term for slack
    • ‘The errors were many: small coal used in making coke charged at less than cost; production overheads allocated over only part of the output (and therefore at too high a rate) and, worst of all, for interdepartmental comparison.’
    • ‘‘I've overcome odds just being the youngest of five kids and growing up in a small coal mining town in West Virginia,’ she admits.’
    • ‘Piles of black slag marked the entrances to small coal mines.’
    • ‘At the time of acquisition, 65% of the company's production was untreated small coal for use in blending for power stations.’
    • ‘The organization would insure that any law passed would not only ‘satisfy the public,’ but also keep small coal competitive.’
    • ‘In some small coal mines, the density of dust particles was found to be 130 times the State standard.’
    • ‘Xinhua said on Wednesday that China plans to close down another 30 per cent of its small coal mines this year, and reduce coal mine deaths by 10 per cent.’
    • ‘The most primitive form of production was in clamps or piles, covered with earth or turves, and fired with small coal.’
    • ‘Following two serious coal mine accidents, Northeast China's Heilongjiang Province has ordered all small coal mines in the province to immediately stop production and improve their safety precautions.’