Definition of small capital in English:

small capital


  • A capital letter that is of the same height as a lower-case x in the same typeface.

    • ‘Her range of typefaces, used to mark variants in each text and to distinguish between kinds of variation, includes the Clarendon font, italic small capitals, Roman small capitals, gothic blackletter, and of course the normal Roman font.’
    • ‘The parts of the passage in small capitals are in standard English.’
    • ‘There are ample cross-references to other entries, identified by the keywords in small capitals.’
    • ‘While letter spacing - rendering space between letters elastic - is ruinous to body text, especially to lowercase letters, it is essential whenever capital letters and small capitals stand adjacent.’
    • ‘In producing a printed version of what he wrote in his own hand, the editors have shown his own inserts in small capital letters (when he used them) and italics (when he made his changes in script).’
    • ‘Within the entries and in the Introduction, cross-references to other sites covered in the present Guide are shown in small capitals.’
    • ‘The programs offer facilities for developers to discover the additional glyphs available (things like baseline numerals, swash capitals, proper small capitals, additional fractions) and to include them in the output.’
    • ‘Ideograms are indicated by small capital letters.’
    • ‘By convention, conceptual metaphors are written in small capitals and take the form x is y, where x is (an element of) the target domain and y is (an element of) the source domain.’
    • ‘Boldface in the transcription, except in headings, represents (capitals and) small capitals in the original.’
    • ‘Yahweh is often transliterated as ‘Jehovah’ and is usually spelled Lord in large and small capitals.’