Definition of small-timer in English:



  • See small-time

    • ‘But the disadvantage to small-timers in the current system matters because getting a permit is the only way to access the dwindling number of sites in the Canadian Arctic with known or probable mineral deposits.’
    • ‘Whatever the proximate causes in such situations, fundamentally the problem is that small-timers with their local concerns acquire disproportionate clout when the electoral verdict is not clear-cut.’
    • ‘Large businesses don't care so much about regulation - medium-large ones can eat the cost, supersized ones can finagle the regs so that the rules actually favor them - but small-timers have neither money nor pull.’
    • ‘He dealt fair as you come, always paid his source, always gave respect to the Bosses and didn't bully small-timers like me.’
    • ‘In New York, they were far from Silicon Alley; they were self-conscious small-timers in an unself-conscious era of wealth and growth.’