Definition of smacker in English:


(also smackeroo)


  • 1A loud kiss.

    ‘he planted a smacker on his date’
    • ‘It will not stop them from assuming that, as the clock strikes twelve, you want them to take hold of your face and plant a smacker on your lips.’
    • ‘It was very emotional and he gave his mum a massive hug and a big smacker on the cheek as soon as she walked in the room.’
    • ‘I just wanna see the guy who gave my granddaughter her first smacker.’
    • ‘His automatic bed cranked him into a sitting position and as he opened his eyes, I gave him a great smacker of a kiss.’
    • ‘Since the photo-opportunity was invented, MPs have been planting smackers on the heads of innocents.’
    • ‘To the top of the crumbling Gormenghastian edifice we climbed, leaned backwards over the abyss and landed a big old smacker on the legendary stone.’
    • ‘Even I got one, a smacker, on the cheek, luckily.’
    • ‘Then he tried to be a trendy DJ by mixing it up on a record deck, before landing a smacker on 13-year-old Vicky Hopson.’
    • ‘But little did Trevor Goulden from Coolaney know that he was about to plant a smacker on a real future beauty queen.’
    • ‘Forget about the women, half the men in England would have given him a full-blooded, lip-to-lip smacker after our boys destroyed the Germans 5-1 in Munich.’
    • ‘She was the first and a big smacker on the lips it was too.’
    • ‘They shared their most intimate public one but stopped short of giving each other a full smacker, with part of their lips touching briefly.’
    • ‘The most memorable death-bed smacker since Hardy stuck one on Nelson was Sergeant Lewis's peck on the forehead of Morse in the morgue.’
    • ‘Nick Barkley descended on his youngest brother, grabbing him in a fierce hug and planting a loud smacker of a kiss on his cheek.’
    • ‘When we finally arrived at Boyes in Goodramgate, I felt like puckering up in a Pope-like fashion and planting a smacker on the carpet, but I soon discovered this was a difficult, if not impossible dream.’
    • ‘Charlie the parrot puckers up for a smacker as a ‘welcome home’ after a night or two on the tiles.’
    • ‘Does he greet Rummy with a smacker on the forehead?’
    kiss, peck
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  • 2British One pound sterling.

    ‘300,000 smackers’
    • ‘And with some early models now coming in at under a thousand smackers, our love might just turn into obsession.’
    • ‘But when it's done with £35m smackers which you then get to keep, who wouldn't turn the other cheek?’
    • ‘If just ain't worth it for thirty smackers a session.’
    • ‘But then, it would be a very naive reader who hopes twenty smackers is going to get him all he'll ever need to know about the afterlife.’
    • ‘He say's he'll give a reward of twenty smackers up to the person who ‘catches’ the canary.’
    • ‘Ger was landed with two smackers from the two stunners after he came out tops with a pint and a shovel!’
    • ‘These days, a low-risk return of, say, 5% a year will give you a taxable income of £50,000 on a million smackers.’
    • ‘I'm sure the chance of 80,000 smackers in his back pocket had little to do with it.’
    • ‘Cherie came back with thirty thousand smackers in her handbag.’
    • ‘One potential source was Salmond himself, who recently earned 20,000 smackers for a newspaper serialisation.’
    • ‘Yet twenty-five smackers; come on now, that's cheaper than a decent haircut in most places.’
    • ‘Still wrecked tired, but got word today I'll be retained for Monday and Tuesday, so that's an extra 500 smackers.’
    • ‘So I could have been 180 smackers better off last April if only I'd got my bum in gear and applied for the rebate then.’
    • ‘The paper made an expensive legal error which has cost it the thick end of £1.5m smackers.’
    pound sterling, £
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    1. 2.1North American One dollar.
      • ‘What wondrous life saving, socially useful and community spirited contribution has David made that he shall be adjudged to be deserving of fifty million smackeroos?’
      • ‘From Monday to Wednesday, 30 smackers will buy you the whole nine yards on the table d' hôte, from the entrée and another appetizer to the main course and dessert, along with tea or coffee.’
      • ‘I lost twenty smackeroos to dear old Rob that first day (I had so much trouble finding my second class that I was actually late.’
      • ‘This one is difficult to find and those who have it want thirty smackers and up for it.’
      • ‘At 40 smackers a month, that's a little much to swallow.’
      • ‘In the spirit of helpfulness, we'd like to suggest some other uses for these 85,000 smackeroos.’
      • ‘I stated the underlining fact that is rarely discussed on the mainstream media - such a war would cost we taxpayers over 100 billion smackeroos.’
      • ‘We scored a used Trivial Pursuit game with the extra supplementary card set for ten smackers.’
      • ‘One hundred and 42 smackers and 50 cents for a two-dollar bet.’
      • ‘Twenty-five smackers for parking at an expired meter.’
      • ‘So hit the ‘rents up for five smackeroos, and follow the easy steps below.’
      • ‘Meanwhile 40 million smackeroos have poured through the tote, Melbourne is awash on plonk and at least two bookies are heading for the international terminal at Tullamarine.’
      • ‘Two hundred and eighty-eight million smackeroos.’
      • ‘The airlines want 800 hard earned smackeroos for the trip.’
      • ‘Notice how super heroes catch the baddie from stealing 10,000 smackeroos but in the process destroy millions in city property.’
      • ‘Twenty smackers will cover a new hairdo for your doll at the store's salon.’
      • ‘Some green-haired kid at school payed me a cool 500 smackers to stand guard here, and I'm gonna do just that!’
      • ‘And if the thing doesn't work - no offence - how am I supposed to explain 150 billion smackers to the folks down in Texas?’
      • ‘The price could actually swell to 415 millions smackers if certain team performance incentives come to fruition in the next few years.’
      • ‘It cost us seventy five smackers.’
      • ‘And when its distributor keeled, owing the publisher 70,000 smackers, well, you could smell the florid eulogies already being written.’
      • ‘A thousand smackers to any man, woman or child who can take me on in the ring… Shea!’