Definition of sly grogger in English:

sly grogger


NZ, Australian
  • A person who sells alcoholic drinks illicitly.

    ‘the police were keen to weed out sly groggers’
    • ‘Some sly groggers didn't hide what they were doing.’
    • ‘My mate knew a sly grogger, and by midnight we were well away.’
    • ‘Not so very long ago, he was what you call a sly-grogger.’
    • ‘The police officers believed that sly-groggers were on the job.’
    • ‘Once a sly grogger had been convicted and paid his fine, he was in grave jeopardy.’
    • ‘I reckon the sly-groggers should join forces with the wowsers to burn down all the pubs.’
    • ‘He became an enforcer for a sly-grogger.’
    • ‘Scotch was so scarce it was not unusual for empty bottles to be refilled with fake stuff and sold off in dark alleyways by sly groggers.’