Definition of sly-groggery in English:



NZ, Australian
  • An unlicensed property from which alcoholic drinks are sold.

    ‘ex-miners inflamed by drinking rot-gut at Old Harry's sly-groggery’
    • ‘He knew the locations of the sly groggeries, brothels, bookie outlets, and gambling and booze dens.’
    • ‘A policeman at the present time may know a sly-groggery is proceeding in a certain quarter.’
    • ‘One of Chuck's early jobs with him was to trap a woman conducting a sly-groggery.’
    • ‘Your manner was as sharp as if I had actually proposed to you to start a sly-groggery.’
    • ‘The affluence of its patrons gave it a de facto respectability that eluded less opulent sly-groggeries.’