Definition of slurp in English:



  • Drink or eat (something) with a loud sucking noise.

    ‘she slurped her coffee’
    no object ‘he slurped noisily from a wine glass’
    • ‘The point is that if you have had the pleasure of slurping a frostie, you know that they are pretty damn thick.’
    • ‘Listening to Gerry slurping his drink from an oversized glass or sticking out his chin and puckering his lips didn't do anything for me.’
    • ‘Once we finished slurping our drinks and chomping down on pizza, we laughed hysterically at the guys' jokes and stories.’
    • ‘Ko-chin looked curiously at Molly who was noisily slurping her soda.’
    • ‘Moments later I was slurping a mug of good hot coffee and relating the journey.’
    • ‘One was Mr. Rao slurping a double sundae and the other was Ms. Rao tucking into a large bowl of strawberries and cream.’
    • ‘Now I'm washing out of a bucket of water, slurping my tea and arguing with rickshaw drivers.’
    • ‘These pigs usually compound the offense by slurping their drinks.’
    • ‘A friend of mine called them slurpers, because their only job appeared to be slurping tea and coffee.’
    • ‘Before I knew it, I was happily slurping my delicious pea and mint soup one-handed, left arm hooked blissfully over banister.’
    • ‘They were both silent, Jake drank some of his chocolate, slurping it into his mouth.’
    • ‘He is watching back-to-back videos and slurping his mug of tea.’
    • ‘I was slurping minestrone soup at an Italian restaurant, laughing with a friend, when her cell phone rang.’
    • ‘Mom lectured as she snatched Jason's drink and began slurping it up.’
    • ‘As she slurped water noisily, I put her leash back in the drawer.’
    • ‘They finished off the week slurping fruit smoothies and eating healthy biscuits they made themselves.’
    • ‘I'm sitting here scratching and slurping tea listening to Libby Purves.’
    • ‘She slurped her tea as loud as she could, blew on her sandwich, although it wasn't hot, and slouched in her chair.’
    • ‘The last thing I remember before I drifted off to sleep was the annoying slurping noise of him sucking on his thumb.’
    • ‘When the waitress returned with everybody else's drinks, Jason snatched the white cappuccino mug and noisily slurped the foam beginning to overflow atop the glass.’
    drink, swallow, gulp, gulp down, guzzle, attack, down, drink down, drink up, force down, get down, finish off, polish off, drain, empty, imbibe, have, take, partake of, ingest, consume, sup, sip, lap
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  • 1A loud sucking sound made while drinking or eating.

    ‘she drank it down with a loud slurp’
    • ‘Between slurps Tenchiki tried to start a conversation, ‘So.’’
    • ‘The pair was silent except for the barely audible slurp as he drank his wine.’
    • ‘Silence developed between the two, the only noise being the slurps from Duncan drinking his coffee and Carl pulling out a plate from the cupboard.’
    • ‘He took a slurp from his schooner and dug his fork into a chunk of fish.’
    • ‘Nyx gritted her teeth and took a slurp out of her drink.’
    • ‘Vinny brought the plastic cup of beer to his mouth and tipped his head back, gulping nervously, chugging the entire beverage in just a few slurps.’
    • ‘Kyle finished his drink with a big slurp, and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.’
    • ‘Between slurps, he asks if any of his officers have arrived yet, which is the same question I was asked five minutes ago by a higher-up at Northwest Detectives.’
    • ‘Mother laments dramatically this morning in between slurps of her chamomile tea, while glaring at my head, and nervously fingering the choker of pearls around her neck.’
    • ‘That was when he heard slurps from across the table.’
    • ‘Thick white noodles with water chestnuts, broccoli and beansprouts came in the lightest of soy sauces, with only the slightest hint of ginger, making for an uneventful slurp.’
    • ‘Again the fake teat went into the calf's mouth but this time, with a delighted slurp, she began suction so powerful the heavy plastic sides of the bottle caved in and mountains of foam built up at the corners of her mouth.’
    • ‘The last noodles disappear with a slurp and the spoon is left to clatter to the table.’
    • ‘There was a crack and a slurp as she opened the beer, took a long pull, and passed it to me.’
    • ‘He came toward me in the darkness and stretched out his neck, put his head down to the water and drank with noisy slurps.’
    • ‘Amidst the slurps of their tongues rubbing on hard spit-polished leather, I ask Donald whether his strategies are geared towards securing 701 nominations.’
    • ‘Many smoked pipes or large, oily cigars and all took deep slurps from tarnished tankards that barmaids bustled around to refill.’
    • ‘Along with Dawn, Angie, Julia and Kevin, Baz left his Lawrence Street watering hole after a few slurps in good time to get to the airport.’
    • ‘‘That's dumb,’ I mumbled in between two long slurps of the meal.’
    • ‘As usual, the food mountain expressed itself in quivering, groaning, and loud slurps.’
    1. 1.1 A mouthful of liquid drunk with a loud sucking sound.
      ‘he took a noisy slurp of his beer’
      • ‘Rachel coughed on a slurp of water not sure of what to say about her mother.’
      • ‘Even before I'd taken a slurp of the broth, I felt better.’
      • ‘‘I hope so,’ says Mandy, taking a slurp of her strawberry milkshake, the bright overhead fluorescents highlighting her face.’
      • ‘He stuffed a sausage into his mouth and then took a long slurp of his orange juice.’
      • ‘Then, the woman who is not yet old takes a Christmas slurp of whisky and rubs out the pencil mark on the bottle, replacing it with another lower down.’
      • ‘Gradually add the remaining hot liquid in large slurps, again stirring often and making sure each amount is absorbed before you add more.’
      • ‘The whole experience reminded me of my old man when he used to take us in the local boozer's beer garden and I'd have a cheeky slurp of this type of beer when he'd nipped off to ‘see a man about a dog’.’
      • ‘‘No wonder he wasn't interested in Izzy,’ said Jacob, lazily, and took a slurp of his sundae.’
      • ‘Sarah sighed angrily at looked over at Rach who was taking a slurp of her drink.’
      • ‘‘You know you're going to get in trouble,’ Kate pointed out, taking a slurp of her drink and leaning back casually in her seat.’
      • ‘Witt takes a long, slow slurp of cappuccino and offers a wicked ‘wouldn't you like to know?’’
      • ‘He did gag for a split second, but that stopped once a slurp of wine flushed his throat.’
      • ‘‘I'm not really like this character, no,’ says Capaldi, as he reaches for a slurp of americano.’
      • ‘But in his usual noncommittal way he just shrugged and took another slow slurp of beer’
      • ‘He took a slurp of his own soup and then looked up at me with a boyish smirk.’
      • ‘Another slurp of wine and out with my favourite wok.’
      • ‘What would Matt think if he knew that I actually - I took another slurp of my soup, attempting to drown my thoughts.’
      mouthful, swallow, drink, drop, dram, nip
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Mid 17th century: from Dutch slurpen.