Definition of slummock in English:



  • A dirty, untidy, or slovenly person.

    ‘‘you lazy little slummock, you’ shouted Mam’
    • ‘Never have we seen gathered in one place such a collection of servants, underclass's, scoundrels, rogues, cads, mountebanks, didicoys, romanies, slummocks, sluts and slatterns, all indulging in acts of depravity and vile seediness.’
    layabout, good-for-nothing, sluggard, slug, laggard
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[NO OBJECT]British
  • Behave in a lazy, indolent, or clumsy way.

    ‘you've slummocked in bed for weeks’
    • ‘She slummocked through fifteen years of single motherhood.’
    • ‘Donna watched as the huddled figure slummocked away into the bedroom again.’
    • ‘I am slummocking today.’
    • ‘On day 3, there was a small mutiny by the Commodore, who positively refused to go any further and demanded a morning of slummocking in Guildford.’
    do nothing, be inactive, vegetate, sit back, take it easy, rest on one's oars, mark time, kick one's heels, twiddle one's thumbs, kill time, languish, laze, laze about, laze around, lounge, lounge about, lounge around, loll, loll about, loll around, loaf, loaf about, loaf around, slouch, slouch about, slouch around
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Mid 19th century: of unknown origin.