Definition of slum-like in English:



  • (of a place) squalid and overcrowded.

    ‘the hardships of the poor dwelling in slum-like conditions’
    • ‘On a drive into the capital city, one cannot help but notice slum-like settlements.’
    • ‘Once a deprived, slum like area, the Sydney suburb of Paddington is now among the city's most affluent.’
    • ‘It will condemn countless children to further years in often slum like school conditions.’
    • ‘They have been corralled off in a small, slum-like corner of the city.’
    • ‘I was amazed that a literal wall of jungle segregated the luxurious, landscaped, and ordered spaces of tourists from the slumlike living conditions of the workers.’
    • ‘The city is divided into eight sections ranging from slum-like to plush.’
    • ‘The landlords had neglected the upkeep a few years back and it had got a bit slum like.’
    • ‘Authorities began demolishing their slum-like makeshift camps on Sunday.’
    • ‘The $150 million project, aimed at improving slumlike housing projects, signals a new approach to housing the poor in Yonkers.’
    • ‘It has filthy, slumlike outlying areas that appear to expand annually in a haphazard manner.’
    • ‘Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. took up residence there during his 1966 campaign for fair housing, to highlight the slum-like conditions produced by poverty, unemployment and racism.’
    dirty, filthy, grubby, grimy, mucky, slummy, foul, vile, low, poor, sorry, wretched, dismal, dingy, miserable, mean, nasty, seedy, shabby, sordid, sleazy, insalubrious, slovenly, repulsive, disgusting
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