Definition of sluggos in English:


plural noun

  • Men's brief, tight swimming trunks.

    ‘blokes in sluggos and sunglasses’
    • ‘He'll also be on the main panel most weeks, hopefully not always in these shark sluggos.’
    • ‘Wendy thought Jason was far more impressive in his green sluggos with a large diver's knife on a belt.’
    • ‘I was paddling out, and this guy said, "What are you doing in those sluggos? Surfers don't wear those!"’
    • ‘He paraded around in his sluggos.’
    • ‘A guy wearing red sluggos started doing push-ups on the beach.’
    • ‘They started contorting to free themselves of their wetsuits and eventually were in just their sluggos and vests.’
    • ‘His sluggos worked their way up his backside in a self-inflicted wedgie.’


1970s: from slug (in the slang sense ‘penis’) + -o.