Definition of slug pellet in English:

slug pellet


  • A pellet containing a substance poisonous to slugs, placed among growing plants to prevent them being damaged.

    • ‘It also revealed she never uses slug pellets because they can kill hedgehogs, she doesn't buy peat and has a compost bin.’
    • ‘In 1982 I dare say I bought packets of chemical slug pellets by the gross.’
    • ‘Salt and slug pellets, which also pose a threat to other wildlife, will soon get washed away.’
    • ‘Tentative efforts to avoid using slug pellets turn into an outright war, devoid of morals or compassion.’
    • ‘‘I'm after slug pellets,’ I said, ‘but can't figure out how to get round to them.’’
    • ‘Chemical slug pellets and baits that contain metaldehyde are widely available commercially, however label directions must be followed carefully.’
    • ‘I don't like putting slug pellets down because I imagine them going through all sorts of agonies as they slowly die.’
    • ‘Prevent access to gardens where pesticide or fertilisers have recently been used, especially slug pellets and rodent baits.’
    • ‘For example, I strongly oppose weed killers, fertilisers, slug pellets and the like, whilst all and sundry throw the stuff all over the garden.’
    • ‘The least desirable road to go down is chemical slug pellets, which will kill the slugs but also all other wildlife in the vicinity, including birds.’
    • ‘We want to make sure the release sites have no slug pellets, dogs, badger sets or ponds which the hedgehogs could fall into.’
    • ‘A recent example is a family who have been putting slug pellets on their child's grave, which is not allowed.’
    • ‘There was a time when I would sneer disdainfully at gardeners who resorted to those ugly big vats of non-organic, environmentally unfriendly slug pellets.’
    • ‘I can't think of a green remedy for woodlice, but as far as the snails are concerned, scattering slug pellets on the ground (inside the greenhouse so birds won't be affected) should help a bit.’