Definition of slow reactor in English:

slow reactor


  • A nuclear reactor using mainly slow neutrons.

    • ‘So when the Unit 4 power plant operators stalled their low and slow reactor, it exploded and burned.’
    • ‘The advantage of a fast neutron reactor is that the fuel is broken down into a much lower element then with a typical slow reactor used in the United States.’
    • ‘For a slow reactor, the fuel can be any of the above, with graphite serving as the moderator.’
    • ‘The nuclear reactions in modern slow reactors have a negative temperature coefficient.’
    • ‘This means for slow reactor water level changes, there will be no noticeable lag but for rapid changes the lag will be greater.’
    • ‘If there are problems about natural resources, we shall turn to synthetics; if there are problems about fossil fuels, we shall move from slow reactors to fast breeders and from fission to fusion.’