Definition of slow puncture in English:

slow puncture


  • A puncture causing only gradual deflation of a tyre.

    • ‘As we were about to move off, I discovered that I had a slow puncture in my rear tyre - this was to be a bit of a motif for the day.’
    • ‘I have a slow puncture in the back tire which needs repairing’
    • ‘I experienced a moment of great hilarity on a very steep downhill, when I tried to corner and realised that my front tyre had a slow puncture and had partially deflated.’
    • ‘Somewhere between here and the test centre I got a slow puncture, so couldn't do the test…’
    • ‘Faulkner was not able to retaliate on his fresh tyres as a slow puncture in a rear tyre developed on his out lap.’
    • ‘This caused a slow puncture, forcing me into the pits after the first lap.’
    • ‘Not at once, but kind of gradually like a football with a slow puncture.’
    • ‘Back on track and this time on slick tyres Mike soon picked up the pace before a slow puncture forced him to pit earlier than scheduled.’
    • ‘The tyre technicians also detected a very slow puncture on a rear tyre after I'd stopped and handed over to Johnny which would not have helped the balance.’
    • ‘My vital energy has drained right out of me just when I wasn't looking, like a slow puncture in my tire, I have been let down.’
    • ‘The car was superb throughout, except for a slow puncture on stage six, which lost us just a few seconds.’
    • ‘Check tyres for damage, looking out for any cuts, cracks or bulges, as these can lead to slow punctures and blowouts.’
    • ‘But recording accident verdicts, the coroner said the primary cause of the tragedy was the slow puncture.’
    • ‘Adding to his comments, Stéphane said: ‘Yesterday we had a slow puncture; it was annoying because I cannot remember hitting anything.’’
    • ‘It was possible, said the man on the technical number, that I had a slow puncture.’
    • ‘Our car may have no rear exhaust, a melting handbrake cable, a downgraded gearbox, a bodged fan, vibrating propshaft and a slow puncture - but she and her mechanically incompetent drivers made it.’
    • ‘Jonny also received a slow puncture - but crucially the strong tyre held together for Milner to keep charging right until the end of the stage.’
    • ‘Twelve months ago he started from pole position and led for the bulk of the 83-laps before he was handicapped by a slow puncture.’
    • ‘The battle was decided in Bernardi's favour when Urmo dropped to fifth with a slow puncture on the final stage.’
    • ‘It has a slow puncture and the wheels are out of balance, so it's shaking apart at the moment.’