Definition of slow neutron in English:

slow neutron


  • A neutron with low kinetic energy especially after moderation.

    • ‘In contrast, uranium 238 has an even number of neutrons and slow neutron bombardment does not cause fission.’
    • ‘In a series of experiments, he also found that slow neutrons were efficient agents of nuclear transformations and won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1938.’
    • ‘The safe operation of a reactor requires that the multiplication of slow neutrons be controlled throughout the fission cycle.’
    • ‘The probe contains a source of fast neutrons, and the gauge monitors the flux of slow neutrons scattered by the soil.’
    • ‘The first genuine transuranic element was discovered at Berkeley, where Edwin McMillan used Lawrence's cyclotron in 1939 to bombard uranium with slow neutrons.’
    • ‘Much to Fermi's surprise, the slow neutrons were extremely effective in the production of nuclear reactions.’