Definition of slow motion in English:

slow motion


mass noun
  • The action of showing film or playing back video more slowly than it was made or recorded, so that the action appears much slower than in real life.

    ‘the scene was shown in slow motion’
    as modifier ‘a slow-motion sequence’
    • ‘This one-note movie stretches on protractedly to an almost two hour running time, and you can't help but think if they removed the abundant slow-motion shots, they'd shorten it by half.’
    • ‘Such devices as choker close-ups and step-printing - which creates eerie slow-motion death scenes - establish an undertone of fatalism and constriction.’
    • ‘The clinician can use a video recorder to film the thrower and analyze the biomechanics during slow-motion playback to pinpoint improper mechanics.’
    • ‘A slow-motion gun battle ballet where the morally confused killer and less than law abiding cop exchange turgid glances and round after round of titanium hailstones?’
    • ‘I prefer still, silent throes of ecstasy to jabbing hands and slow-motion seizures.’
    • ‘I can't go into all the details just yet, but I can say that our slow-motion gameplay sequences will be player initiated and very interactive.’
    • ‘I could see his attitude and coldness reappearing slowly, like a slow-motion car crash, and I knew that this was going to end up being as disastrous as our conversation the previously afternoon.’
    • ‘The center of the screen is filled with three different rectangles of slow-motion video.’
    • ‘Gratuitous slow-motion shots drum up the tension for no apparent reason.’
    • ‘What's worse is that the slow-motion fight sequence in which Peter fights a bully slides almost into a parody of that film's innovative effects.’
    • ‘Indeed, there is very little that's new to admire from the director's bag of tricks, save for the odd kick or punch, which sends an adversary flying in various slow-motion directions.’
    • ‘Instead, the emphasis is on the slickness: Alice, her ridiculous jump kick and a close-up, slow-motion shot of a bullet casing her gun discharges.’
    • ‘Besides, many action actors get paid by the line, so never use dialogue when a slow-motion close-up and a violin score will do the job.’
    • ‘As the music blared, he watched approvingly as the screen played a slow-motion video.’
    • ‘Finally, what would an action movie be without slow-motion action sequences?’
    • ‘A slow-motion video clip of the crucial moment for the goal is passed around amongst the group, enabling each person to decide whether the referee's decision was the right one.’
    • ‘When you watch goals back on video, especially those slow-motion replays, everything appears to happen so much more slowly than it does.’
    • ‘Occasional slow-motion replays highlight particularly dexterous handling of cooking pans or ingredients, for example.’
    • ‘The motif, in concert with the low-angle shot and slow-motion photography, heightens the tension in this penultimate moment prior to delivery.’
    • ‘And, even if the subsequent slow-motion montage of a carefree Janey and Jim playing on the beach maybe over-emphasises the point, it's still quite lovely.’


slow motion