Definition of slow-going in English:



  • Lasting or taking a long time.

    ‘our slow-going recovery’
    ‘counting of ballots was a slow-going process’
    • ‘Does this mean the game industry has settled in its ways too soon or does it indicate ample opportunities for future improvements, slow-going as they may be?’
    • ‘By the end of the slow-going 144 minutes, we share his discomfort.’
    • ‘The search goes on, but it is slow-going.’
    • ‘The sole fault is that several of the participants speak with a very dry tone, making for a slow-going commentary.’
    • ‘The slow-going nature of the proceedings may have the opposite effect for a lot of people, and grind the momentum to a halt.’
    • ‘Kids raised on films of endless action might find this a bit slow-going at first, but the dogs are pretty irresistible and should win over even the more "jaded" viewers.’
    • ‘It was at times frustrating and slow-going, but the advantages of Web standards are undeniable.’
    • ‘The consonant-heavy, slow-going third line of the second stanza wasn't intentional.’
    • ‘Slow-going repairs to a cracked support forced the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge to remain closed an extra day.’
    • ‘Most of the major routes are slow-going, according to police.’