Definition of sloppy joe in English:

sloppy joe


  • 1A long, loose-fitting sweater.

    • ‘Even in winter we'd go to the beach in our sloppy joes [and] sit and talk on the beach.’
    • ‘You get tempting green frocks, shimmering silver shifts, and retro-'80s black-and-primary-colour striped sloppy joes.’
    • ‘It was my decision to dress like that but. I probably got away with the jeans and the sloppy joes and the T-shirts and checked shirts for six months.’
    • ‘He wore a black-hooded sloppy joe with white writing across the front, grey shirt, black tracksuit pants and white joggers.’
  • 2North American A hamburger in which the minced-beef filling is made into a kind of meat sauce, typically with tomatoes and spices.

    • ‘I'm just not sure whether I want yesterday's meatloaf as today's sloppy joe.’
    • ‘Just keep this in mind: As the president of the National Barbecue Association and CEO of two restaurant chains, says, ‘Barbecue isn't just meat and some sauce - that's a sloppy joe.’’
    • ‘Fly's never quite sure what to make of hoopsters who still eat sloppy joes off Styrofoam trays during fifth period.’
    • ‘We have sloppy joes and chicken a la king too,’ said the staff sergeant.’
    • ‘Back in town these guys would be wolfing down a sloppy joe and a platter of fries.’
    • ‘A massive feast of sloppy joes and a night of drinking beer by the camp fire get us ready for tomorrow's race.’
    • ‘Or pick up some crumbled soy - which resembles hamburger but without the possibility of E. coli - and turn it into spaghetti sauce or sloppy joes.’
    • ‘Burgers could take a dozen different forms, while meatloaves, pizza, cabbage rolls, meat pies, sloppy joes, tortilla wraps and stuffed peppers (not to speak of other stuffed vegetables) would round out the month.’
    • ‘I believe it's called a sloppy joe but thanks for the commentary.’
    • ‘You know, the date drop cookies and silver dollar pancakes, the sloppy joes and mad hatter meatballs, the enchanted castle cake and the salad of radish roses, were all made by my mother!’
    • ‘Boss Dornbush approached Chris' cell and gave him a tray containing a sloppy joe sandwich, potato chips, and a soda.’
    • ‘In Kingstree, South Carolina, make sure to eat sloppy joes with onion rings.’
    • ‘A lot of people see it as sort of a place to go and have the conch fritters and a couple margaritas and see ‘Margaritaville’ and sloppy joes.’
    • ‘His lunch tray somehow managed to slip from his hands on the way to a table and he had ended up wearing the sauce from his sloppy joe on his long-sleeved, white stretch-shirt.’
    • ‘Now when it comes to cooking I can only do three things, chili, sloppy joes, and taco meat.’
    • ‘It looked like someone had spilled a cafeteria tray full of sloppy joe.’
    • ‘I woke up to a sloppy joe dinner, fruit and chips.’


sloppy joe

/ˌslɒpi ˈdʒəʊ/