Definition of sloppy in English:



  • 1Careless and unsystematic; excessively casual.

    ‘we gave away a goal through sloppy defending’
    • ‘They're right to worry: the system is haphazard and sloppy.’
    • ‘The group responsible for evaluation and safety insisted that the other group was too quick, careless and sloppy in their safety review procedures.’
    • ‘I want to begin by apologizing for all of the grammatical errors, slapdash reasoning, and sloppy writing in my recent posts.’
    • ‘It's so unprofessional to have a sloppy list, so write another one, okay?’
    • ‘The point here is to challenge the media's effort to turn Judge Jones into something he's not in order to defend a biased and sloppy ruling.’
    • ‘The environment is gradually being ruined by sloppy and haphazard planning.’
    • ‘Meticulous on the one hand, but unbelievably sloppy and careless on the other.’
    • ‘Holding onto profits might lead to excessive executive compensation, sloppy management, and unproductive use of assets.’
    • ‘There are too many amateurs out there writing sloppy code.’
    • ‘Sure, there are some plot issues and short-cuts that have to be avoided, but these are not the result of sloppy film-making or careless consideration for the audience.’
    • ‘She has a recurring dream, she confides, in which she is a sloppy and unprofessional actress.’
    • ‘Either way, it's entertaining, even though Blumenthal is sometimes sloppy with his facts.’
    • ‘I'll stick with my sloppy couldn't care-less style thank you very much.’
    • ‘Then it uses sloppy arguments to defend their act, and they even repeat it.’
    • ‘Don't send a resume and cover letter that has misspellings, poor grammar or looks sloppy and unprofessional.’
    • ‘And neither do you, thanks to sloppy reporting and slapdash conclusions.’
    • ‘There is no reason for the government to shape policies to protect companies that are inherently weak, or are sloppy and careless.’
    • ‘Despite what you may think, that kind of sloppy unprofessionalism doesn't add to the cutting edge breaking news image.’
    • ‘It's true that people get signed on the strength of some pretty ropey demos but you have to think about why you would want to expend the effort of being in a band and then showcase your sound in such a sloppy careless way.’
    • ‘It takes 50 or 100 rounds before you really start to improve, but after 200 rounds it's easy to get sloppy and careless.’
    careless, slapdash, slipshod, lackadaisical, disorganized, haphazard, unmethodical, unsystematic, hit-or-miss, untidy, messy, thoughtless, inattentive, heedless, hasty, hurried
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  • 2(of a garment) casual and loose-fitting.

    ‘she wore a sloppy sweater and jeans’
    • ‘I normally wear big sloppy shirts to disguise my figure, but I cannot go to the beach because it is so obvious that I have no top.’
    • ‘She had it back in a sloppy ponytail and was in her pajamas.’
    • ‘Golfing slacks and sloppy polo shirts might be fine for the links, but they won't cut it among his new playboy peer group.’
    • ‘His mother always told him the jeans looked sloppy and that he should get rid of them, but never bothered doing it herself when the chance arose.’
    • ‘He had even managed to make the school uniform look sloppy.’
    • ‘Yesterday was the first time I've ever seen Kris wear shorts and a tank top, because he usually just isn't that sloppy.’
    • ‘Her long hair hung haphazardly in a sloppy braid and her tunic and leggings were dirty and torn.’
    • ‘Also, make sure your jacket is well-adjusted because a badly tailored jacket will make you look chunky and sloppy.’
    • ‘I shook my head in amusement and settled back to look at her, dressed in sloppy pajamas.’
    • ‘The scraps of American, Italian, and British clothing and flying gear we used were sloppy but practical.’
    • ‘Sharp lawyers dress very sharp, and their shoes always shine, while sloppy lawyers dress accordingly and their shoes are usually in a mess as well.’
    • ‘They pull it all together, like a great belt does a sloppy dress.’
    • ‘I just bought a pair of permanent press pants and after the first wash they already look sloppy.’
    • ‘Save the extremely loose fitting shorts for boxers and basketball players; they lack sex appeal and look kind of sloppy altogether on a regular guy working out.’
    • ‘I was in my sloppy clothes that I wear at home only.’
    • ‘Her long hair was pulled back, and she wore a sloppy sweatshirt over clashing baggy sweatpants.’
    • ‘And while all this looked terrifically cool on the models on the catwalk, it is near impossible for normal women like us to wear this and not look sloppy.’
    • ‘She thought of Tony and how sloppy he dressed sometimes.’
    • ‘Leaving it hanging out makes you look really sloppy, especially when most shirts I buy are sized too big, thus making it look like I'm wearing a dress.’
    • ‘Convoy leadership found some sloppy uniforms during a morning formation, resulting in push-ups for several troops.’
    baggy, loose-fitting, loose, generously cut, not tight, roomy
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  • 3(of semi-fluid matter) containing too much liquid; watery.

    ‘do not make the concrete too sloppy’
    • ‘It's sludgy and frequently sloppy but that's the point.’
    • ‘It's quite a mysterious, sloppy dish, you can't really see what you are eating, you just have to trust the taste combination.’
    • ‘She said: ‘He knew what he wanted and it was not sloppy, soft food, but it was explained to him that he had been put on it for his own good.’’
    • ‘He has to eat sloppy food and cannot open his mouth wide, to see if his jaw will heal without being wired.’
    • ‘But his barbecued pork chow is a great big sloppy yummy concoction.’
    • ‘Food and water fall every fourth hour in a sloppy mixture from the ceiling.’
    • ‘The flaky filo crust gave way to sloppy mouthfuls of meat and dark gravy beneath.’
    • ‘One moment demanding a sensitive physicality that eased her down the face of a wave in a sizzle of surf, and the next demanding brute strength to bludgeon her prow into a rising hillock of sloppy green water.’
    • ‘She wanted to get the money and get you out the door, without recognising that maybe, just maybe, you were less likely to return if you had a sloppy sandwich with a thumbprint in the middle of it.’
    • ‘It's a real bonus as well that the sauce isn't too sweet, nor thick and sloppy like warm peanut butter - something you'll find in many joints.’
    • ‘Rohr cackled as he dug into the sloppy meat with fiendish glee.’
    • ‘Sketch was staring at it as well, in between bites of a sloppy peanut butter and jelly sandwich.’
    • ‘She was pacing back and forth in the dense sloppy snow that was left over from the storm two weeks before.’
    • ‘A fellow journalist found his kettle full of a brown, sloppy substance.’
    • ‘Whisk whites with sugar to form sloppy meringue’
    • ‘Make it sloppy food for the first few days after the whelping.’
    • ‘Retreating to the mud slope, we set to work with the sloppy mud.’
    • ‘This point was well made when the woman next to me spilt some of her sloppy pasta sauce on to the floor and it almost hit me.’
    • ‘The mixture was ridiculously sloppy, so I added more flour and breadcrumbs and then tried to mould the mixture around the layer of mince.’
    • ‘With the machine running, gradually add enough oil to achieve a sloppy paste consistency.’
    runny, watery, thin, liquid, semi-liquid, mushy, soupy
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  • 4informal (of literature or behaviour) weakly or foolishly sentimental.

    ‘lovers of sloppy romance’
    • ‘I like to have my tears jerked as much as the next sloppy sentimentalist.’
    • ‘If the love of God were as sloppy and sentimental and subjective as our own, we could never count on him to be consistent in anything.’
    • ‘A society run on love alone is decadent and sloppy.’
    • ‘In a culture as sloppy with sentiment and theologically illiterate as ours, it's a dangerous thing to spend much time speculating about.’
    • ‘Here is architecture, rather than sloppy sentimentality or crass commercialism.’
    • ‘But what we did have in common was a dislike of soppy, sloppy liberalism, the idea that there are no moral absolutes.’
    • ‘I was going to write about a couple of more films tonight, but I'm fading fast and my prose is getting a little sloppy and sentimental.’
    • ‘I know this must sound sloppy or romantic, but put yourself in my shoes, you would feel the same.’
    sentimental, mawkish, over-sentimental, overemotional, cloying, sickly, saccharine, sugary, sugar-coated, syrupy
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