Definition of sloother in English:



[with object]Irish
  • Charm, flatter, or persuade (someone) in an insincere or deceitful way.

    ‘he sloothered him up and dosed him with brandy’
    ‘the sloothering matchmaker’
    • ‘If you, as our elected Government, slip, slide, and sloother your way into supporting it, you are not acting in our name!’
    • ‘He used to amuse me the things he said with the half sloothering smile of his.’
    • ‘He played the rogue with fine sloothering tones.’
    • ‘She was hard-set not to go over to him and begin sloothering him.’
    • ‘He had been intrigued by the sloothering sales letter I'd written.’


Late 19th century: probably of imitative origin.