Definition of sloka in English:



  • A couplet of Sanskrit verse, especially one in which each line contains sixteen syllables.

    • ‘A group to my right is quietly reciting Sanskrit slokas.’
    • ‘Explaining the meaning of the Gita slokas in simple, understandable Malayalam, interspersing his lecture with vignettes and stories full of humour, the young brahmachari enthralled and more specifically entranced the audience.’
    • ‘The devadasis were taught not in the linear mode but in the circular mode where in the course of a day, they would have lessons in music, Sanskrit and Telugu, then learn snatches of abhinaya before going on to the recitation of slokas.’
    • ‘For some time science and technology took a back seat as children performed puja and rendered Sanskrit slokas.’
    • ‘Her grandfather, who was a judge in the Madras High Court, was also a Sanskrit scholar and taught her Sanskrit slokas.’
    • ‘The original Sanskrit trishtubh slokas are riotous in their flow and bring out with effortless ease the rapture and awe in the poet's heart as he describes the scene.’
    • ‘The Brahmin priest of the village temple was not invited, and Marathi slokas replaced Sanskrit ones.’
    • ‘Another attraction at the book fair is the two-volume book, ‘Agni’ which contains all the slokas and methods used for performing the ‘Athiraathram’.’
    • ‘It has also released a pocket guide, ‘Vadatu Samskrit’, dealing with words used in daily life, and ‘Samskara Bindu’, a book on various slokas.’
    • ‘Anita, playing Parvati from whose sweat, sandanam (sandalwood paste) and a bit of clay Lord Ganesha is born, holds the piece together using narrative, slokas and chants as a Harikatha performer would.’
    • ‘In its one-and-half hour show, the troupe will deliver its dialogues in English, sing slokas in Sanskrit, have sword fights and dance ballets - all in an Olympic-sized swimming pool in the Aquatic Complex in Guindy.’
    • ‘With Sanskrit slokas, mantras and verses from the Upanishads, Sacred Chants is set to a background of western music.’
    • ‘The use of the word Jaganath is seen in their slokas and many Sanskrit words are also used in their languages.’
    • ‘On one occasion, while doing a particularly difficult surgery he took off his gloves and sat on a stool chanting some Sanskrit slokas.’
    • ‘‘Even students or teachers without much knowledge of Sanskrit can learn or teach simple slokas, full of meaning… universal meaning which transcends religion and community,’ she says.’
    • ‘Chanting the slokas while showing the appropriate gestures was one of the first things we had to do in our Dance Theory classes.’
    • ‘The two read out lines from Srinivas' number peppered with Sanskrit slokas and punctuated with melody.’
    • ‘It also contains Sanskrit text of slokas along with transliteration and meaning for various movements.’
    • ‘It is airconditioned, packaged in richly coloured Indian art and culture, bhajans, slokas, harikatha, sanskrit, Ramayana in multimedia, and channel music.’
    • ‘At the Mission he studied the sacred Sanskrit texts, memorising slokas that he could recite well into his eighties.’


From Sanskrit ṡloka ‘noise, praise’.