Definition of sloe gin in English:

sloe gin


mass noun
  • A liqueur made by steeping sloes in gin.

    • ‘And with the big chill now on, the reader in search of a heart-warming stirrup cup needs to know that home-made sloe gin is the best there is.’
    • ‘To make the syllabub, combine the sugar, lemon juice, brandy and sloe gin in a large bowl and whisk for about a minute to dissolve the sugar.’
    • ‘This really took off and now we are selling sloe gin to farm shops, at farmers' markets and to 80 delicatessen shops throughout the country.’
    • ‘His mission is to find as many sloe berries from blackthorn hedges as he can this autumn to expand his booming sloe gin and liqueur chocolate production business.’
    • ‘I don't think I'll be growing avocados outdoors in the home counties any time soon, but I'd love a hedge of blackthorn so I could harvest the berries for a nip of homemade sloe gin.’
    • ‘Felt very country-girl, particularly when we stumbled across some sloes and decided to pick them too to make sloe gin.’
    • ‘There's something about sloe gin in the cool, country air which is just perfect.’
    • ‘Tasting three glasses of liqueurs - two of themsloe gin - he quipped that he was in danger of getting drunk.’
    • ‘At this time of year, all the best gourmet restaurants have elderberry ice-cream on the menu and cooks are busy potting up rose hip chutney, quince jelly and bottling sloe gin liqueur.’
    • ‘Their list last fall, for instance, included a mix of dark rum, sloe gin, passion fruit liqueur and fresh lime juice.’
    • ‘I pick bags of them to take back home, to be converted into potent sloe gin for Christmas.’
    • ‘Take a swig from your hip flask of sloe gin, whisky or red wine and you'll be laughing.’
    • ‘With some of my wife's disgustingly wonderful chocolate cake, and a slug or three of sloe gin to bolster our frozen extremities, we set off with perhaps a tad more spring in our steps.’
    • ‘It's gin and sherry - perfectly ghastly, unless you liven it up with some sloe gin, whisky and a hint of oxtail soup.’
    • ‘As we all switched to more adult beverages she developed an unfortunate taste for sloe gin.’
    • ‘There are currently 65 rooms, all extremely comfortable, with thematically correct black-and-white bathrooms and mini decanters of estate-made sloe gin to ease your arrival.’
    • ‘Ruby-red in colour, this sloe gin is a real snuggle-up-on-the-sofa drink, delivering a moreish palate with flavours similar to black cherries.’
    • ‘Every year, the two ex-teachers picked sloe berries from the same place, and made their own brew of sloe gin.’
    • ‘The bushes ended up covered with sloes; we picked them, of course, bringing back memories of a Christmas tipple we made long ago: sloe gin.’
    • ‘We started at the Marquess of Granby where it was warm enough to stand out on the pavement drinking sloe gin, which turned out to be sickeningly sweet, but at the same time strangely moreish.’


sloe gin