Definition of slobbish in English:



  • See slob

    • ‘Things are put into perspective, the slobbish armchair critics who howl with outrage over the ‘disgrace’ of the ‘Canes need to settle down.’
    • ‘And how will Felix handle Oscar's slobbish lifestyle, his untidy apartment and his insistence that he ‘likes it just the way it is’.’
    • ‘You forget about the noisy love-making through rice paper-thin walls, the noisy parties, the slobbish behaviour - even if you were the main culprit all those years ago.’
    • ‘‘To me, idle is not the same as being slobbish or giving up and not caring,’ he insists.’
    • ‘But even if a ‘laziness gene’ were discovered, it would be up to us to decide whether to submit fatalistically to our slobbish blueprint, or try to fight back.’