Definition of Sloaney in English:



  • See Sloane

    • ‘My mother, who had ideas above her station, sent me home to a very Sloaney, very expensive girls' boarding-school in Middlesex.’
    • ‘Lately, however, that style of dress has featured more often in the media as a term of abuse, fashion for Sloaney women attempting to recreate an England that is no more.’
    • ‘He was clearly an Etonian but he wasn't swaggering around in a braying, Sloaney way.’
    • ‘When she was ejected from her fee-paying school, her parents thought it would be good for her to go to a boarding school: a Sloaney establishment in Kent.’
    • ‘And definitely consign to oblivion the Sloaney cropped navy velvet jackets with pie-crust collars peeping out.’