Definition of slitty in English:



  • (of the eyes) long and narrow.

    ‘her squashed little face and her slitty eyes’
    • ‘Now I could feel my slitty eyes beginning to twitch.’
    • ‘He saw Picasso's Demoiselles d' Avignon in the artist's studio in 1907, and soon began carving heads with elongated faces, long thin noses, slitty eyes and tiny mouths.’
    • ‘En route to the recital she was cranky, giving me the cold slitty eye-beam treatment in the rear view mirror.’
    • ‘For all Boris's sophistication, his opinion on China's cultural impact might not be so different from Phil the Greek's opinion of people with slitty eyes?’
    • ‘She gave me a dirty look in her little slitty eyes, and said, ‘I hate you Eric, it's all your fault.’’
    • ‘Is there more to the man who jovially gave us such gems as, ‘If you stay here much longer you'll get slitty eyes ’, (to a group of Western students in China)?’
    • ‘He glared at me with slitty eyes and ran his finger along his throat in a ‘you're dead’ type way, so I guess our little war won't finish any time soon.’
    • ‘One suspect called himself ‘Terry’ and was 6ft tall, 50 years old, well-built, cropped blond hair, with a mean expression and slitty eyes.’