Definition of slit trench in English:

slit trench


  • A narrow trench for a soldier or a small group of soldiers and their equipment.

    • ‘Barbed wire was going up everywhere, slit trenches were dug in case of a bombing, the place was a beehive of activity.’
    • ‘Deep slit trenches appeared on airfields, with fuel and ammunition stored in tunnels.’
    • ‘I told them about my first night ashore in France on D-Day explaining how I had to dig a slit trench in the cold wet earth and then sleep in it - with no groundsheet or blanket.’
    • ‘The evolution of trench lines from a network of individual slit trenches was still envisaged in British, French, and American doctrine.’
    • ‘And signals master Bob Cameron, grinning boyishly at the camera, who survived an assault of German mortars by jumping into a slit trench with a Toronto war correspondent.’
    • ‘The duo worked their way along the slit trenches to the next bunker.’
    • ‘Second, in accordance with current field engineering practices, the troops build on their positions both covered shelters and open shelters (covered slit trenches, niches, splinter-proof shields and so on).’
    • ‘Ron dived into a slit trench, followed by a Brigadier who yelled to his batman to fetch his whisky.’
    • ‘We were on alert all day and in the slit trenches most of the night.’
    • ‘Aged fourteen, I joined our school cadet corps, practised with a Lee-Enfield.303 rifle and a First World War Lewis gun and dug slit trenches in our school playground.’
    • ‘I was having tea with Colonel Ottway in the middle of a battle - this happens - and he and I were sitting under his slit trench at his headquarters, under a fir tree.’
    • ‘‘Obviously, life in combat was unpleasant,’ Kameny continues, ‘digging our way across Germany, slit trench by slit trench, sleeping in them at night, using our helmets as pillows.’’
    • ‘At school, Mitchell Fraser and his classmates practised air raid drill in the slit trenches in the field below the school.’
    • ‘They adopted their stand-to positions in slit trenches and machine gun pits.’
    • ‘For mile after mile they go on, slit trenches, ditches, earthen underground bunkers, palm groves of heavy artillery and truck loads of combat troops in battle fatigues and steel helmets.’
    • ‘After the war an Army Body Recovery Unit opened the slit trench and took the bodies to the military cemetery.’
    • ‘There were no slit trenches or overhead shelter, and the support areas were located in central, and conspicuous, buildings such as Hangar 172 that still showed damage from the Japanese raids of 1942.’
    • ‘At times we slept in slit trenches and air raid shelters.’
    • ‘We had a nice party for the bride and groom and even the Japanese joined the celebration, in that we had an alert in the middle of the party and we all ran for the slit trenches.’
    • ‘As soon as tents were pitched in a new location, slit trenches had to be dug.’