Definition of slipstone in English:



  • A shaped oilstone used to sharpen gouges.

    • ‘I've never bothered to use slipstones etc. on moulding blades and find that they work well without it, but if you're going to use one profile a lot (and especially if you insist on working a difficult piece of wood) you might try it.’
    • ‘Sometimes the name ‘slipstone’ is also used to describe a whetstone.’
    • ‘Henry Taylor uses one small and one large slipstone for sharpening carving gouges and chisels.’
    • ‘What you want to get your hands on in lieu of diamond sharpeners is a natural Arkansas slipstone, great investment for the money’
    • ‘All of the cutters shown on this page can be kept in best cutting form by resharpening using oilstones, slipstones or a Diamond Hone.’
    • ‘Just remove some of the excess set from the blade first with a slipstone.’
    • ‘For turning tools I use slipstones with a light kero as a lubricant, also water slipstones are equally effective on turning tools but may have a propensity for leaving water residue on the tool if not dried and possibly leading to rust.’
    • ‘It can most likely be ignored, or a single sweep of the same slipstone can be used, keeping it down against the metal of the flute, of course.’
    • ‘You will be able to fit one edge of the unique slipstone exactly or close to the sweep of your gouge to create an inside bevel or remove any burr.’
    • ‘The slipstone is lighter and handier - it can be used dry, for one thing - though the axe-stone still goes along on the rare occasions when I take an axe into the backcountry.’
    • ‘Sharpen carving knives with a fine-grit slipstone, making circular strokes along the edge at the cutting bevel.’
    • ‘A complete set includes the 12 carving tools plus coarse and fine India slipstones, and a popular book about woodcarving.’
    • ‘Also included in the set is one a carving tool roll, two slipstones, two background stamps for contrast texturing and a beautiful hand made carver's whisk broom; good for clearing stray ends, and more importantly, burnishing finished projects.’
    • ‘The set include either four slipstones or with a universal stone.’
    • ‘I find a burr most easily obtained on these tools by using a slipstone used vertically and stroked upward when the tool is held horizontally.’