Definition of slippery slope in English:

slippery slope


  • A course of action likely to lead to something bad or disastrous.

    ‘he is on the slippery slope towards a life of crime’
    • ‘In the very least, it is part of the slippery slope that has led to dislocation, desperation and even despair.’
    • ‘The concern, of course, is that ID cards could lead the country down a slippery slope.’
    • ‘This leads them down a slippery slope until, at the end of the play, they ‘tear each other's throats out’.’
    • ‘Once you start putting police all over the place, including private businesses, it become a slippery slope.’
    • ‘They're offering an argument that, should you accept it, drops you on a slippery slope leading down to veganism.’
    • ‘Not me, evidently: and so my first step was taken on that slippery slope leading down to a kind of gentle madness.’
    • ‘Critics say the law would be a slippery slope leading to anti-abortion laws in Canada.’
    • ‘Let me a bit more explicit, by identifying three particular ways that the slippery slope can work here.’
    • ‘The idea that a decision cannot be judged at the moment but only retrospectively opens a slippery slope of justification.’
    • ‘And would changes along these lines be a slippery slope or a maturing process within the framework of the United Kingdom?’