Definition of slippery hitch in English:

slippery hitch


  • A kind of knot made fast by catching part of the rope beneath the loop, released by pulling on the free end.

    • ‘This morning, we had a short history class and later on in the day we had a seamanship class where we learned basic knots like the half hitch, slippery hitch, bowline and many more.’
    • ‘Demonstrate properly belaying a line to a cleat, coiling short and long lines, bowline, reef knot, slippery hitch and figure eight knots.’
    • ‘If you get real fancy, you can tie a slippery hitch in the halyard around the pennant.’
    • ‘Lanyards with slippery hitches secure the shank to the pulpit stanchion.’
    • ‘If the cable is of rope, take care that it is not made fast to the ring with a slippery hitch.’
    • ‘What I did was to tie a slippery hitch in the anchor rode and attach two warps to the loop in the rode by means of bowlines.’
    • ‘We used the slippery hitch for the falls on one boat I sailed on, but I can't remember why.’