Definition of slippery elm in English:

slippery elm


  • A North American elm with coarsely textured leaves and rough outer bark. The mucilaginous inner bark has long been used medicinally.

    Ulmus fulva, family Ulmaceae

    • ‘Of those, hickories, oaks, flowering dogwood, slippery elm, red maple, and tulip poplar constituted 70% of all detections.’
    • ‘However, there is a very strong presence of shade-tolerant and mesic species (i.e., sugar maple, slippery elm, and paw paw) in this category as well.’
    • ‘The small sapling layer was also diverse and was dominated by sugar maple and hop hornbeam followed by pignut hickory, slippery elm, and paw paw.’
    • ‘They are psyllium, taurine, dandelion, St Mary's Thistle, globe artichoke and slippery elm bark, which have liver protective, restorative properties.’