Definition of slipperiness in English:



mass noun
  • The quality or state of being slippery.

    ‘a play about the slipperiness of language’
    • ‘I say that's just a case of political slipperiness because if the Government had felt that they needed to be adjusted or improved in any sense, they've had six years to do that.’
    • ‘Though they are closely linked in the public mind as indicative of the slipperiness of politicians, issues of promise-keeping, truth-telling and trustworthiness can and ought to be separated.’
    • ‘A similar dishonest slipperiness was evident in the government's response to an earlier complaint by the Opposition of breach of the caretaker convention.’
    • ‘I believe that New Zealanders all over this country are appalled by the slipperiness and deviousness with which this Government is undertaking this issue, and we will hold it to account.’
    • ‘Pedestrians are forced to suffer the burden of consequent slipperiness because the heavier ice-clearing equipment can't manoeuvre on the city's 3,500 kilometres of sidewalks.’
    smoothness, slickness, greasiness, oiliness, iciness, glassiness
    evasiveness, unreliability, unpredictability
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