Definition of slipper in English:



  • 1A comfortable slip-on shoe that is worn indoors.

    • ‘That sweet position on your road bike should be as comfortable as your favorite pair of slippers - and once you find it, you won't want to give it up.’
    • ‘Sandals can double for slippers and a long T-shirt can double for a nightgown.’
    • ‘If you know your dad loves lounging around the house, a pair of comfortable slippers are key.’
    • ‘I was only in my morning gown - no cloak - and on my indoors slippers.’
    • ‘They are like dainty, sexy slippers; the allure is to wear mules with bare legs.’
    • ‘Someone had smoothed her hair and folded her hands across her chest, put her small, worn slippers back on her feet.’
    • ‘Another must for lounging, especially if you live in a cooler climate, is a comfortable pair of slippers.’
    • ‘Do I need to buy those patent leather loafers or a pair of velvet bedroom slippers?’
    • ‘At the moment he was dressed in a pair of old slippers and a worn dressing gown, thrown over a set of striped flannel pyjamas.’
    • ‘Smiling graciously, I took off my shoes and put on slippers.’
    • ‘You put your stuff in a locker which contains towels and nightwear (a Japanese robe) and shuffle around in indoor slippers.’
    • ‘They wore delicate looking shoes, soft as slippers and as tough as boots.’
    • ‘If I'm freezing in Winter, then the extra-thick, knee-high socks go on, as do the sneakers or slippers, depending on my location.’
    • ‘The slipper or shoe should be such as to make the metatarsals of the foot visible and which do not cover the ankles.’
    • ‘Trade in those comfortable slippers for a grappling hook.’
    • ‘Actually, they were more like slippers than shoes, but at least they were comfortable.’
    • ‘He was not wearing shoes but slip-ons or slippers.’
    • ‘I do put holes in the tops of my slippers and shoes, though.’
    • ‘Rising from bed, she slipped into a cotton robe and worn slippers.’
    • ‘It wouldn't be quite as bad if it was an actual shoe, but a slipper?’
    mule, moccasin, house shoe
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    1. 1.1 A light slip-on shoe, especially one used for dancing.
      • ‘Penelope stamped down on his foot, which probably hurt her more, since she was wearing dancing slippers.’
      • ‘Gradually light silk slippers were worn by the females, with the men having a tougher sole, and were made out of leather.’
      • ‘When she performed the same piece at the Jazz Dance World Congress in slippers, was it then jazz dance?’
      • ‘The gown was floor length and her emerald satin dancing slippers just barely peaked out from under her dress.’
      • ‘He also treats his share of fractured and dislocated toes, which often occur when a dancer is wearing ballet slippers.’
      • ‘She seemed to be wearing tights, and slippers that struck the floor lightly in rhythm with the song she played.’
      • ‘The rain that had haunted St Lucia for nearly two weeks was finally over so it was all clear to wear slippers instead of sneakers or boots.’
      • ‘The pink satin of her slipper glowed softly and the ribbons sculpted her ankle.’
      • ‘Whether they take class on pointe (as most of them do) or in ballet slippers, they do it because it gives them something extra.’
      • ‘In Alex's room, her ballet and jazz slippers are sitting comfortably on the floor, ready to be used again once Alex is back home.’
      • ‘Slip them on over ballet slippers to keep your shoes clean, or give your feet a breather, and wear them solo.’
      • ‘For years National Dance Week has been underwritten by dancewear manufacturers with the aim of keeping sales of leotards and ballet slippers aloft.’
      • ‘She looked at the hem of her dress and grunted in irritation, seeing that the hem was shredded and her light rose colored slippers were ripped and muddy.’
      • ‘On her feet would be the black dancing slippers.’
      • ‘The dancers are in flat slippers, the costumes are in bold autumnal colours of magenta, orange and dark yellow, and the girls have their hair loose.’
      • ‘To go with the dress, Jimmy bought me a simple gold necklace and earrings and even golden dancing slippers.’
      • ‘She carefully pulled on the blush pink silk dress, and placed the soft, same shade dancing slippers on her feet.’
      • ‘So I buy the wrong footwear, a flimsy slipper when my climbing style is better suited to a model with a thin mid sole.’
      • ‘She wanted to change from her uncomfortable formal slippers to more comfortable leather shoes, but there wasn't any time.’
      • ‘By the time they're lacing themselves into their blocked satin slippers and making their first tentative steps on pointe they will have passed the point of no return.’
      pump, mule
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[with object]
  • Beat (someone) with a slipper.

    ‘he didn't slipper me hard’
    • ‘The parent website ‘is about corporal punishment, including caning, birching, strapping, paddling, slippering, spanking, etc.’’
    • ‘I turned up on Friday, and the French teacher decided he was going to consult with senior staff rather than slipper me.’
    • ‘Persistent offenders who were sent out of class three times did face a stiffer punishment: either the cane or else the shame of being slippered in front of the whole class.’
    • ‘One bulky geography master, built like a wrestler, spent most of a term slippering lads and talking about volcanoes.’
    • ‘This amounted to being slippered three times on his buttocks through his shorts with a rubbersoled gym shoe by the headmaster in private.’
    smack, slap, slipper, put someone over one's knee, thrash, cane, belt, leather, cuff
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