Definition of slip ring in English:

slip ring


  • A ring in a dynamo or electric motor which is attached to and rotates with the shaft, passing an electric current to a circuit via a fixed brush pressing against it.

    • ‘The CT fluoroscopic unit consists of a third-generation CT scanner with slip ring technology (spiral capability) that has been adapted with a high-speed array processor to permit an increase in speed of reconstruction.’
    • ‘In flight, when the radar is not operational, the slip rings and bearings are kept lubricated by rotating the radome at one cycle per four minutes.’
    • ‘The incorporation of slip ring technology into the design of scanners in the late 1980s removed the need for a rigid mechanical linkage between the power cables and the x ray tube.’
    • ‘The new three-year warranty includes total parts coverage for all Miller's twin-cylinder, air-cooled, gasoline-driven welding generators, as well as parts previously not covered, such as relays, slip rings, and brushes.’