Definition of slip of the pen (or the tongue) in English:

slip of the pen (or the tongue)


  • A minor mistake in writing (or speech).

    • ‘I think it's to the credit of both papers that they acknowledge their fallibility, but the errors in question are rather more than slips of the pen.’
    • ‘But the old broadcaster's instinct had taken over: don't draw attention to a slip of the tongue by going back to correct it.’
    • ‘‘It was a slip of the tongue,’ the Prime Minister's official spokesman said of the comment.’
    • ‘But was his use of the present tense - ‘I have this heart thing which we dealt with in 24 hours’ - a slip of the tongue or inadvertent admission of a continuing problem?’
    • ‘Minor slips of the tongue merely reminded me of the live nature of the performance.’
    • ‘A slip of the tongue, or some random twitch in an otherwise foolproof plan, blows his cover.’
    • ‘When people are prevented from saying what they really think, the only way to tell what they think is to second-guess their views from insinuation, rumour or slips of the tongue.’
    • ‘In the context of the interview, this statement can only be considered a slip of the tongue.’
    • ‘In an effort to save myself the embarrassment of seeing other people embarrassed, I at first went around shrugging off the whole thing as simply a slip of the tongue.’
    • ‘Those minor slips of the tongue are quite embarrassing.’