Definition of slip knot in English:

slip knot


  • 1A knot that can be undone by a pull.

    • ‘Release the slip knot which has kept the sled anchored to a tree, and the adrenaline rush is as good as you'd get flooring the accelerator in a Ferrari.’
    • ‘Techniques have been introduced to prevent overdrainage, such as using tight sutures that can be released either by pulling a slip knot or cutting with a laser.’
    • ‘They had some black friends who had perfected a trick of making a noose that really had a slip knot to it.’
    • ‘Tying a simple length of string slip knot over the jaws and behind the ears of an injured dog, and holding a cat by the scruff of the neck and wrapping it in a towel are effective ways of keeping severe bites to a minimum.’
    • ‘With string, you can make a slip knot and use it to tighten down the layers of cardboard.’
    • ‘I used a large thimble for the flap cord part, nylon cord for the line, and ended up just tying the cord around the side wire with a slip knot (so I could remove it in flight if there was a problem).’
    • ‘In childhood, this game is played out using simple loops and slip knots that hold but let go when pulled.’
    • ‘Then, he slung the bat into a vertical position and leaned on it to reach into the corner in order that he might remove a cut section of electrical cord; which, he tied into a slip knot.’
  • 2A running knot.


slip knot