Definition of slip casting in English:

slip casting


mass noun
  • The manufacture of ceramic ware by allowing slip to solidify in a mould.

    • ‘Molds for slip casting are made of plaster.’
    • ‘The slip casting forms when a skin develops as the plaster mold takes moisture from the slip.’
    • ‘For the production of thin anode functional layers and electrolyte layers when producing planar Solid Oxide Fuel Cells a modified slip casting process is used.’
    • ‘The techniques of pinching, coiling, extruding, molding, slip casting, and slab work are illustrated with full-color photos.’
    • ‘Unlike tin-glazed earthenware, white salt-glazed stoneware was ideally suited to slip casting and press molding into intricate shapes, and plaster of Paris greatly facilitated these processes.’
    • ‘The advantage of this type of slip casting is that the pressurized slip adheres to the walls of the mold more evenly and with fewer defects than with traditional slip casting.’
    • ‘Nor can it be regarded as hyper-realist since the product of slip casting is never life-like enough.’
    • ‘The invention discloses a slip casting ceramic article of porcelainous body which consists of different colour particles.’
    • ‘I was so interested to learn that porcelain was discovered during the Ming Dynasty in China and that Marco Polo's team is accredited with bringing the skills of slip casting to the West.’