Definition of slip away in English:

slip away

phrasal verb

  • 1Depart without saying goodbye; leave quietly or surreptitiously.

    • ‘Jen slipped away to the only peaceful location on the campus.’
    • ‘‘Please excuse me, sirs,’ Julian said quietly, then slipped away as discreetly as he could.’
    • ‘Quickly and quietly, Cassandra slipped away from the scene and began the short journey back to her house.’
    • ‘Still, even those who seemed to have turned up with the intention of staying for an hour or so and then quietly slipping away, stayed till the end and cheered the winners.’
    • ‘The shy rescuers didn't want to be named and slipped away quietly.’
    • ‘As the two continue to argue, young Bitsy slips away from her position outside the room, walking slowly downstairs to join the smallest member of the household.’
    • ‘Sarah looked confused, but then decided to slip away quietly into the shadows beneath a restaurant roof.’
    • ‘She looked around once more, and then quietly slipped away, unnoticed.’
    • ‘Having come to this conclusion, Ayame slipped away from her post at the window and disappeared into the darkness of the den.’
    • ‘‘Come on, let's get out of here,’ she said to him quietly, clutching his hand as they slipped away to the door.’
    • ‘While Amber rattled on about what she wanted Anthony to do, Nick gave him a good-natured wave and quietly slipped away from the conversation.’
    • ‘She slipped away from him and waved a silent goodbye before leaving the room.’
    • ‘Rena quietly slipped away from the room and headed towards her own.’
    • ‘Even now he turns up to Midge's gigs, stands at the back to watch his old mate perform and then quietly slips away again.’
    • ‘I watched as Dana slowly slipped away, looking slightly disappointed that she didn't have a date.’
    • ‘Fadran slipped away quietly, and Cora and Arlan did not notice.’
    • ‘Bertie, of course, was far too humble for an over-the-top tribute such as this and had slipped away quietly for other duties.’
    • ‘He slipped away from Ami slowly, trying not to disturb her.’
    • ‘I got up and dressed quickly, hoping to slip away quietly without Dr Bernadi realising.’
    • ‘Jack and the rest of the soldiers were in the courtyard so I slipped away quietly.’
    escape, make one's escape, get away, break free, make one's getaway, abscond, decamp
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    1. 1.1 Slowly disappear; recede or dwindle.
      ‘his ability to concentrate is slipping away’
      • ‘He felt his life fleeting and his mind slowly slipping away; losing every thought.’
      • ‘Elena could feel her strength slowly slipping away.’
      • ‘She remembered consciousness slowly slipping away, until she must have fallen from the tree into the snow.’
      • ‘All the want for adventure was slowly slipping away.’
      • ‘The feeling of detached indifference had been soothing and he hated that it was slowly slipping away.’
      • ‘The awkwardness of the moment slowly slipped away as he leaned back.’
      • ‘‘Our town is slowly slipping away,’ Harlan says, ticking off the businesses that have closed in recent years.’
      • ‘And since he was rich and could afford to bribe a judge, she knew her freedom was slowly slipping away.’
      • ‘The connection he had felt with her from the very beginning was slowly slipping away and he didn't know how to stop it.’
      • ‘Uncle Matt explains as his patience slowly slips away.’
      • ‘The slim hope of a final day denouement for the championship next weekend slipped away slowly in the second half.’
      • ‘It was once again a game that slowly slips away from you and we'll have to do something about it.’
      • ‘Their savings slowly slip away until they reach a sobering moment when Jane says they mustn't go to bed late because ‘the soup kitchen stops serving at eight.’’
      • ‘Vanilla tried to regain her composure, which was slowly slipping away.’
      • ‘Her typical composure in dealing with stressful situations such as this was slowly slipping away from her as her terror and fright increased.’
      • ‘Philadelphia looks to be realizing their chances at winning a pennant, and much less a division, are slowly slipping away, and are currently executing the now or never approach.’
      • ‘I leave out the part about feeling as though my personality is slowly slipping away.’
      • ‘Brayden's own smile slipped away unnoticed as Cwery sat up slowly.’
      • ‘Words must be spoken, confessions must told, for time was slowly slipping away.’
      • ‘Caleb tried to hold onto his fury but he could feel it slowly slipping away.’
    2. 1.2 Die peacefully (used euphemistically)
      ‘he lay there and quietly slipped away’
      • ‘They knew she was slipping away slowly, so they should just let her go in peace.’
      • ‘His friends rallied around and he enjoyed their visits during his final illness before he slipped quietly away.’
      • ‘His family tended to his every need as he slipped away, peacefully, at his home early on Thursday morning after an eight-year battle with cancer.’
      • ‘It was only three weeks into our friendship that I watched her slowly slip away.’
      • ‘But why should anyone have to resort to suicide alone rather than a controlled death administered by a doctor so that they can slip away peacefully surrounded by their relatives?’
      • ‘‘Sam, no one could ever replace you,’ Henry said, looking at her and seeing her slipping away slowly.’
      • ‘Slowly he felt her slip away, her warmth diminishing until she was no more.’
      • ‘We are removed from our sense of self, conscience, purpose, but it isn't the fault of the body, slowly starting to slip away into death.’
      • ‘As the sun was shining on the morning of Thursday, April 1, 2004, Ed's life peacefully slipped away.’
      • ‘His feet kicked at the ground, stars filled his vision, and slowly Samir's life slipped away.’
      • ‘His serene and gentle nature and the manner in which he accepted his illness was inspirational to many and he slipped away quietly surrounded by his beloved family.’
      • ‘His wife Ann was continually at his side right up to the end, which was a twenty four hour a day job, but despite the hard work and heartbreak on seeing him slowly slip away from her was a daily labour of love.’
      • ‘In the end she slipped quietly away from us, but her family and those of us who befriended her over the years will happily retain the many lovely memories she has left behind.’
      • ‘One by one, the legendary groundbreaking rockers of the '60s are slowly slipping away from us.’
      • ‘Typically, both slipped away quietly and they will be missed.’
      • ‘Audra was slowly slipping away from this life and going back home.’
      • ‘Bill, who was predeceased by his wife Annie, belonged to a grand generation of Irish people who are slipping quietly away from the land they loved so well.’
      • ‘My dad was slowly slipping away as he was more and more at the hospital.’
      • ‘Politely, proudly and quietly, she slipped away while the doctors and nurses watched.’
      • ‘Kiv wished he could just slip away into peaceful blackness; the pain was driving him mad.’
      die, pass away, pass on, expire, breathe one's last, go, go to meet one's maker, shuffle off this mortal coil, go to one's last resting place, go the way of all flesh, cross the styx
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  • 2(of time) elapse.

    ‘the night was slipping away’
    • ‘Nine years have slipped by since their last trophy.’
    • ‘Time is slipping by and our children are missing out on vital aspects of the education due to them for want of safe, healthy and educationally friendly accommodation.’
    • ‘The whole notion of time in the Maldives is weird - day after identical day merges seamlessly into the next and time slips by like sand through your fingers.’
    • ‘Time slipped by as the dark spring clouds and bright sunlight rolled over the Rhodope landscape.’
    • ‘With time slipping by and dinner looming he thought: ‘I'm supposed to be intelligent, there must be some way out of this.’’
    • ‘Instead, as her school days in Carraroe slipped by, she was looking for something either in journalism or art college.’
    • ‘So another summer slips by with Yorkshire flattering to deceive in knockout cricket, the high expectations of the first half of the season suddenly evaporating into thin air.’
    • ‘But time was slipping by, and it was becoming increasingly clear that nothing was going to be finalised before our return home.’
    • ‘Scenery and time slipped by as we passed through centuries of village and seacoast life.’
    • ‘It's hard to believe that 30 years have slipped by since the Sligo men last lifted the Connacht senior crown.’
    • ‘However, a week scarcely slips by when we read a quote from Liam or George.’
    • ‘Autumn was quickly slipping into winter and each day the climate turned colder.’
    • ‘The months seem to be slipping by very quickly now, and I'm working on two issues at once at the moment.’
    • ‘The mini vacation that I have taken has slipped by quickly.’
    • ‘Many a year has slipped by since that day in 1950 when Martin Niland set off on his bicycle for Annagh Hill polling station in Kiltimagh.’
    • ‘The days seemed long, the nights so short and time slipped by so fast’
    • ‘As time slips by you either have to increase the amount invested or find a higher rate of return.’
    • ‘On Friday night, six hours of gradually more inebriated conversation slipped by in an absolute instant.’
    • ‘The search and rescue is becoming increasingly desperate as time slips by.’
    • ‘Soon, all but the steersmen and watchmen were asleep, and the dark passage of the night slipped by, quiet, watchful, and mysterious.’
    pass, elapse, go by, go past, roll by, roll past, glide by, glide past, slide by, slide past, fly by, fly past, steal by, steal past, tick by, tick past, wear on
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